Sunday, 17 May 2015

Broken Frontier Kickstarter Campaign

UPDATE: Saturday mid-day. We just passed the $58,000 goal. Thanks to everyone who backed us. Normal service can now be resumed...

UPDATE: Saturday May 23rd. It seemed impossible a week ago, but against the odds, we are now only a little over 2k away from the target! To get on board and back this book, click HERE.

UPDATE: Friday May 22nd - midnight. Time for bed here in the UK. Here is the latest state of play. It's in your hands, America. Ten grand to go. Make it happen...

UPDATE: Friday May 22nd. This morning's screenshot shows us at $43,316. Five thousand up on yesterday. If we get a big push today, this can still come in under the wire. Back the Broken Frontier Anthology on Kickstarter HERE

UPDATE: Thursday May 21st. Here's a screen shot showing the current level of pledges. Things are picking up with two days to go...

Sunday May 17th:
As I write this, there are 5 days left for the Broken Frontier Kickstarter campaign to reach its target of  $58,000 and we only have $29,000 plus change. Here's the current state of play...

I say "only" but $29,000 is a hefty sum to be pledged by 665 people for a comic book. That means a lot of people have faith in the project. So can we reach the target in the few days we have left? This is an important project. It's something of a test for a new model of publishing. The reason the goal is so much higher than for most Kickstarter comics is because Broken Frontier want to pay the creators a decent fee upfront for their work. Not a fee comparable to mainstream publishers, but enough to justify the time and effort to produce the work. It's a model that the industry needs to enable established creators to work on personal, creator-owned projects, and for new and upcoming creators to reach a wider audience. There are some big names involved in this project and others who may be entirely new to you, as they were to me.

Below are some of the stories that will appear in the anthology if it is successful. You can be part of this. If you haven't already funded us, please do look at the work below and think about pledging. There is no risk to you. The way Kickstarter works is that the money is only taken from your credit card account if the project is successfully funded. If we fail to meet the target the funds will never leave your account. And if we do raise the money, the book will be produced. And it will be one hell of a book - 250 full-colour pages and 40 creators.

This is Quin's Return written by myself and drawn by Mark Stafford...


The anthology also includes work from Greg Pak and Tom Raney...

Then there's Flyer by Justin Zimmerman and Mike Lawrence...

Limited edition bookplate by Farel Dalrymple...

There are prints by Robbie Rodriguez, Toby Cypress, PJ Holden and Robert Sammelin...

Cover art is by Spider-Gwen artist Robbi Rodriguez...

If you like the look of this hit this link: BROKEN FRONTIER ANTHOLOGY for a full list of contributors and more info... and the opportunity to fund the book and make it happen.

Friday, 24 April 2015


I've been associated with the Broken Frontier web site for quite a while. Waiting For Trade actually started out there as a weekly column back in 2007. Those columns are archived here: Waiting For Trade: Broken Frontier Archive
I had to give up on the column as it was eating into my work schedule but I've kept in touch with editor-in-chief Frederik Hautain and with the Broken Frontier site which has developed into a very cool news and review site that pushes innovation, diversity and independence in comics.

Now, Broken Frontier is branching out into publishing with the Broken Frontier Anthology, launched this week on Kickstarter. The book will be 250 pages of comics by established and upcoming creators, including Alison Sampson, who is co-curating the Think Of A City project and also drew this...

...and Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun), Carla Berrocal...

...Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies), Greg Pak (Action Comics, Incredible Hulk), INJ Culbard, who has recently published this...
...Jamie Coe (Art Schooled), Joshua Hale Fialkov (The Bunker, I Vampire etc.), Karrie Fransman (The House That Groaned, Death Of The Artist), Phil Hester (Green Arrow, The Darkness), PJ Holden (2000AD), Robert Sammelin, who drew this...

...Ryan Kelly (Saucer County), Tom Raney (Storm Watch, Avengers Academy and a bunch of covers for my District X series...) and lots more. It's a hell of a lineup and it also includes a story by myself and this geezer...

Mark Stafford - Photo by Alison Brown

I've been collaborating a lot with Mark Stafford recently, not least on The Man Who Laughs from SelfMadeHero and The Bad, Bad Place in the bi-monthly Meanwhile anthology from Soaring Penguin.

After years of working for Marvel and DC on everything from Civil War X-Men, Spider-Man Noir and Daredevil: Redemption for Marvel to Batman, Detective Comics, Azrael and The Brave and The Bold for DC, I made a decision to move away from mainstream publishing to concentrate on independent and creator-owned work. It hasn't been easy. The pay for most of the projects I have done in the last few years, is decidedly low or non-existent and it's tough to reach the same sales figures as a Batman book. I recently did a Spider-Man Noir one-shot for the Spider-Verse event at Marvel and the sales on that one issue were probably higher than every book I've done in the last three years combined. It's heartening to see the Broken Frontier Anthology launching on Kickstarter, and I can't emphasise enough how important it is that this kind of project gets the support of the readers who genuinely want to see more independent, creator-owned material.

Cover by Robbi Rodriguez

If you want to read Quin Returns, an existential thriller, written by me and drawn by the inimitable Mr Stafford, as well as another 240 pages of groundbreaking comics, please do support the Kickstarter Broken Frontier Anthology. You get to own a great comic and we get to pay the bills.  CLICK HERE to go to the Kickstarter page for more information...

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Bad, Bad Place - Good, Good Art

Time to preview some art from upcoming episodes of The Bad, Bad Place, soon to be gracing the pages of Meanwhile, the Great British Comics Anthology from Soaring Penguin.

These are panels and character sketches from Part 5, all by Mark Stafford.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Crossed: Badlands #74 Five Bloody Fingers Finale

Tomorrow sees publication of the last part of my current arc of Crossed: Badlands. The Five Bloody Fingers storyline comes to an appropriately sanguineous climax. Here be covers...

Art by Michael DiPascale

Art by Fernando Heinz

Art by Christian Zanier

Art by Fernando Heinz

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Crossed: Badlands #73

In your comic shop on Wednesday 4th March - Crossed: Badlands #73 and the third part of my Five Bloody Fingers arc set in Tokyo. Here are cover images...

Art by Fernando Heinz

Art by Michael DiPascale

Art by Christian Zanier

Friday, 27 February 2015

Think Of A City

In case you didn't know, there's a fantastic art project running on Tumblr called Think Of A City. Curated by Alison Sampson and Ian MacEwan, the idea is a mass storytelling project where each artist riffs on the previous drawing, taking a colour and making a thematic link, no matter how tenuous, with that drawing. I noticed that the last few illustrations had been going back and forth between largely digital to mostly hand-drawn. There was a kind of ping-pong game going on and the last splendid piece by Roque Romero was probably the most purely digital of them all.
So I decided to make my piece the most hand-drawn I could make it. I usually work hard on making my drawing print-perfect, redrawing and retracing - even when the result is quite expressionistic I've probably redrawn it three or four time before I was happy with it.
The drawing below was sketched in fountain pen ink and then a wash applied. Now fountain pen ink is tricky. It is extremely soluble. You only have to look at it sideways with a damp brush and the line starts to bleed. You only get one chance. You can't 'correct' anything. It was a little nerve-wracking to say the least.
I'm not entirely happy with the result but I am very happy with the process.
The only digital effect is the pasting of Roque Romero's art into the phone's screen.
You can check out the art in its proper context here.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cartoon Museum - Comics Creators

I'll be giving a short talk at the Cartoon Museum in London on Saturday 7th March to celebrate the launch of its new Comics Gallery. Details are here: Comics, So What? - The Comics Creators Launch
The event starts at 1pm and continues throughout the day with appearances by Hunt Emerson, David Lloyd, Steve Marchant, Karrie Fransman, Posie Simmons and Asia Alfasi. My talk is at 4pm.

It's free entry but you must book here.