Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bulletproof Coffin Preview and DC Leaguers interview.

Following my posting of DCLeaguers - The Translation, here is the interview, now posted on the site in both Italian and proper English! Raffaele and his fellow Leaguers posed some very interesting questions and I ended up talking in-depth about taking over as writer on The Darkness, my work on Batman, Spider-Man Noir, Daredevil Redemption and Spawn. You can read the whole damn' thing here: DC Leaguers interview.

Now, a special treat - another preview from The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred. This time it's a double-page spread from issue 3, featuring The Coffin Fly and The Unforgiving Eye in crosstown traffic!

Art by Shaky Kane from The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #3 - Click for INYOURFACE version!

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