Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Greetings from 2067

Dateline December 23, 2067. There were a lot of things about Britain in the 60's that were crap but we did have some bloody good comics. TV21 was our newspaper of the future, bringing headlines of conflict and disaster from the 21st Century long before 2000AD introduced the more cynical Judge Dredd to corrupt young minds. Our heroes were rugged, noble, square-jawed and came with strings attached. Based on the TV puppet shows of Gerry Anderson, the comic featured Thunderbirds, Stingray,  Captain Scarlet and Fireball XL5. Anderson's ingenious creations formed a cohesive universe, and the newspapers contributed to that sense of being part of the future.

In spite of the aging brown paper, to my eyes these comics still look incredibly modern, as if they've come from some kind of reverse time-capsule.

Here's a live action report from the scene by the great Frank Bellamy!

Click on this one for the Superama version

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  1. We TV21 readers weren't as soft as other UK comic readers so we didn't need snow all over our covers, but I'd totally forgotten about this headline! And Bellamy, as usual, bursts from the page!