Friday, 30 December 2011

Class Ditko #2

Below is the cover of Amazing Stories of Suspense #175. There are a couple of unique aspects to the covers of the Alan Class comics. These comics were printed to a slightly wider format than American comics. However, they did match the size of the earlier, wider-format American comics of the 1940's. Many of the later covers were still being drawn to the original format, using existing art board. These were then cropped on the American versions, but Alan Class was printing the full width of the art. 

His designer was also playing around with the covers, patching together art from different sources. On this cover, for instance, someone came to the bizarre conclusion that the original image just didn't have enough clout and pasted on some John Buscema art in grey tone! 

From the interior of the same issue, here's a beautiful piece of story telling by Steve Ditko,
the master of the 9-panel grid, reprinted from Tales to Astonish #16 - February 1961.

"I am the Victim of...THE SORCEROR!"

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