Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"Hine from the twisted and sick atmospheres morrisoniane to provide a glimpse of Arkham that vibrates with corrupt mentality..."

Right now, Shaky and I are finishing up the 'Beat' issue of The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred and I've realised the perfect tool to produce Beat poetry is the auto translator. Write normal prose, translate it into Italian and then feed it into Babelfish or in this case Google's Translator and back it comes as pure Beat.

The phrase quoted above is from an Italian web site called DC Leaguers. My Facebook friend Raffaele Radaelli has just approached me for an interview for the site and invited me to try the translated option as my knowledge of Italian is close to non-existent. Here's more of what Joseph Ursa via Translator has to say about the Arkham Reborn series, written by myself, interior art by Jeremy Haun:
"Everything seems to the writer is of interest to jump into the deep in the recesses of the human psyche... It denounces almost fiction, taking care to warn the reader from the omnipresent possibility of being down at any moment their world of certainty and security...
White paper on which to write extensively, this grandson of Arkham dell'Amadeus morrisoniana memory is presented to the court of Hine doing fine show a vast potential in fact never used. Hine has molded like clay, so little time managing to forcefully impose it on stage that counts."

But did he like it? I can't wait to see how the interview comes out and rest assured, I shall share it with you, dear readers...

Arkham Reborn #1 - Cover Art by Frazer Irving

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  1. In fact, I didn't like it!
    I just LOVED it, oh yes! :)