Friday, 16 December 2011

Image books for March 2012

Image has just released details of their books for March 2012. I've already posted the covers of The Bulletproof Coffin:Disinterred #3 here, and cover and samples of Elephantmen #41 here. Now I can show you the two covers that have been produced for The Darkness #101. This is my first issue as regular writer on The Darkness and something I'm very excited about. Over the coming months I'll post updates on art, promotional signings and so on. Also check out the blog of the artist, the wonderful Jeremy Haun where you can see regular postings of Jeremy's art.

Right now there's a lot of activity at Top Cow as the company celebrates its 20th Anniversary with Top Cow: Rebirth. This week saw the release of Withchblade #150, as Ron Marz winds up his incredible 7-year stint on the book, before Hack/Slash creator, Tim Seeley takes the reins. The book includes repros of every one of the book's 150 covers. 

While you catch your breath, here are the covers for The Darkness #101:

Art by Jeremy Haun

Art by Marc Silvestri


  1. Will your upcoming run Darkness be a good jumping on point for lapse readers or those new to the series? Also, is your Elephant Man just a one shot or will you be spending time with that series too?

  2. Absolutely. This will be the perfect jumping on point for lapsed and new readers. That's also true for Witchblade from next month (#151) when Tim Seeley takes over as writer. The Top Cow Universe is undergoing a Rebirth after the events of the recent Artifacts series. In general terms we're shifting more towards an indie/horror feel for the books.

    Elephantmen #141 is a one-shot, and is very much a standalone story. There will be other stories featuring the character of Kubec from this story, by Rob Steen, who has worked on Garth Ennis's Wormwood and colored Strange Embrace.

    I'm sure I'll be involved again with Elephantmen in some way, and Shaky Kane will also be drawing more material for the book later.