Sunday, 18 December 2011

Jack Kirby in 3-D!!!!!

I went to my local picture house last night to see the wonderful new Scorsese film Hugo. Now that's the way 3-D movies should be. But of course 3-D is not a new phenomenon. The nineteen-fifties were the real heyday of 3-D, first in the cinema and then in the comic-books.

It's about time we had some art by the King himself, and what better way to start than with the eye-popping  Captain 3D from Harvey Comics, published in 1953? You will need a pair of 3-D glasses of course. Not the plastic specs you nicked from the movie theatre though. You'll need the old school kind like this...

I'm sure you must have a set lying around the house somewhere. If not you can see art from Captain 3-D in two-dimensional black-and-white here.

Got your specs ready? Let's dive into the world of Danny Davis and his magic book...

Put your 3-D glasses on now!

More Kirby magic coming soon...

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