Saturday, 24 December 2011

NME Songbook - 1984

 Before I switched entirely to writing for a living, I spent 25 years making a living as an artist, in comics and elsewhere. In the 80's I did a lot of work for the New Musical Express. The art editor, Andy Martin was great. Even though I didn't even have a telephone at the time, which made me impossible to reach, he would always give me work. Basically he let me draw anything I wanted and I would drop it off at the office. Often the drawings had nothing to do with music, but he would always fit them in somewhere. 
 Every year, the NME would have a double-size Christmas special, which featured the NME songbook with 10 songs from the year, illustrated by full-page pictures. Some of the leading illustrators of the time were used and the illustrations were printed full broadsheet size. It was quite a prestigious gig, so when Andy asked me if I would like to do one for the 1984 issue I was incredibly pleased. He gave me the opening slot, featuring my hand-drawn title for the songbook as well as the illustration for Bronski Beat's 'Small Town Boy', the year's gay anthem.
 I still think it was one of my better pieces, except maybe for the horrible lettering of the lyrics (lettering was never my strong point). So I was chuffed as hell about this and told all my friends to buy a copy. Then when I picked up the issue from the news agent I opened it with trembling hands to find... that my name was spelled wrong. Look closely at the scan below and you'll see I've touched up the letters on my name - DAVID HIND indeed!


  1. This is a really great piece, man! Would be great if you drew more! :-p

  2. Thanks, Greg. I'll post more pieces occasionally. I have a plan chest crammed with literally thousands of drawings, but most of them depress me to look at.