Monday, 19 December 2011

Odds and Sods #1

Russell Willis was involved with alternative comics in the early 80's, when he published, among other things, some of my own earliest work in The Alternative Headmaster's Bulletin and No Frills Funnies. More significantly he also published strips by Eddie Campbell, and now he's doing it again. Earlier this month Russell very kindly sent me a free download of his itunes app for a collection of Eddie's "In the Days of the Ace Rock 'N' Roll Club". Published through Russell's Panel Nine digital imprint, this collects every "Ace Club" strip along with a whimsical introduction by Eddie himself, and masses of extras, including a review by Alan Moore from 1983, an interview with Eddie, photos of Eddie and friends from the period and all the introductions from past collections.

This is a really enjoyable collection and I highly recommend it. Check out the itunes preview for "Dapper John: In the Days of the Ace Rock 'n' Roll Club" by Eddie Campbell.

Here's a photo I came across. No idea how I got it. I think I may have stolen it from the Deadline office. On the back it says, Tank-Girls: Angie, Kirsty and Becky the Monkey, Make-up: Zoe Martin, Photographer: Oliver Maxwell. Anyone who was around at the time will remember Angie, Kirsty and Becky - Tank Girl's biggest fans. The lucky man having his head licked is, of course, Brett Ewins!

Now, look at the state of this... example of why you should bag and board your comics? Actually there's a different story behind this. The clues are in the marks of string binding and the water stains. That's seawater from the Atlantic Ocean. Back in the sixties, unsold copies of American comics were bundled and used as ballast in ships. On occasion those bundles would be taken by sailors and somehow this one ended up in a second-hand shop where I stumbled across it. Flip it over and you'll see one of Jack Kirby's classic covers...

Who cares if it bears the scent of the briny deep? This is one of my favourite Captain America stories.

Note the caption. The 'Marvel method' meant Stan often had no idea what Jack was doing.

This issue features that little-known Marvel villain, Chairman Mao Tse Tung!

Ah, those simple, untutored commie minds...

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