Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stan Brakhage (Synchronicity 1)

Stan Brakhage
Synchronicity, the collision of apparently unrelated ideas or events, has become an increasingly common occurrence in my life as I've become more involved with digital technology. Earlier this week I was reading an article in The Guardian about film-maker Andrew Kotting on my i-pad. I switched over to Youtube to watch his movie Gallivant, which incidentally, is brilliant. One link led to another and I was soon delving into the work of one of Kotting's biggest influenced - Stan Brakhage.

Check back to an earlier post on this blog and you'll find a link to a Youtube video combining scenes from Taxi Driver with music by Suicide. The movie was edited by lazergliderspaceman, whose channel has load of great videos. One of them is a Brakhage movie called Desist, featuring a bunch of Beats getting seriously stoned, a scene reminiscent of one that Shaky Kane has drawn for issue 2 of The Bulletproof Coffin, which by coincidence has been posted today on Steve Cook's  secret Oranges blog.  Few people are aware that Brakhage was a close friend of cult artist Destroyovski, who in turn worked with and inspired Shaky Kane.

Which is as good a reason as any for you all to watch Desist right now! The movie was shot in 1954.

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