Monday, 5 December 2011

Evolution of a cover

I posted Boo Cook's cover for Elephantmen # 43 earlier. Elephantmen publisher and creator Richard Starkings originally asked me for my ideas for a cover, but luckily I was too damned slow, so Rich did his own sketch. Here it is, side-by-side with the finished cover:


Welcome to 'Waiting for Trade.'

This blog has been a long time coming. I've been half-hearted about creating a web site until now. I have a Facebook page, there's a Strange Embrace page on the wasteland that is Myspace, and I have had a couple of columns, notably 'Waiting for Trade' on Broken Frontier (there's a link on the right of this page to the archive), but I've not had a dedicated location to post updates, artwork, scripts and photos. Now I have. A blog seems the ideal place to sound off on things, publicize new work and the work of friends and creators I admire, and generally share the things I obsess about.

I'm challenging myself to post at least once a day so that you have a reason to check in here regularly. Over the past week I've been messing around with the thing, getting the hang of designing, posting, linking. What you see in the posts below is fairly representative of what I'll be putting up here. There will be lots of visuals, new art from projects I'm working on, script in progress, favourite video clips, scans from my comic collection, covers from the many thousands of books that seem to be filling every corner of my home in defiance of the two Kindles we have in the house, and maybe even the occasional rant.

I'd also like to make this part of a circle of creators, whose blogs and web sites I'll be linking to, people with similar sensibilities and interests, so if you like what you see here, become a Follower so other people can check out your own sites.

Enough words. Here are a couple of pictures to show you part of the working process on The Bulletproof Coffin. When Shaky Kane gets script from me, he occasionally gets a sketch too. Below you can see how my crappy scribble has been turned into wonderful technicolor art by The Shaking Man himself.


The Script:
Panel 3

Big Panel: This image should show lots of details. In the background, Amelia is standing in the doorway with [XXXXXXXX REMOVED -SPOILER] beside her. Here’s what is assailing her senses…

In the foreground, a realistic life-size latex sex-doll (with authentic orifices) is tied to a big bed. Arms and legs attached by cords so the legs are open. A ball-gag is in the dolls mouth. It’s one of those realistic Japanese jobs - you know the ones! It’s dressed in sexy lingerie. The bed has red silk sheets. There are bedside tables at the head of the bed on either side, each one littered with all kinds of sex-toys: dildoes and French Ticklers, tubes of KY jelly, nipple clamps etc. The walls are hung with rubber fetish masks, whips, chains and framed erotic images (of your choosing).

The main attraction though, at the head of the bed, is an altar, bearing a large chunk of glowing yellow rock – [XXXXXXXX REMOVED -SPOILER] It’s mounted on a stand and its position tells us how important it is to Henry. The tied doll seems almost like a sacrifice to some mysterious deity.

Shaky – I’m going to send you a very rough layout of the big panel. You don’t have to follow it too closely, but it’s probably the easiest way to tell you how I’m seeing this. Do add lots more crazy details and make the altar more elaborate – whatever you want - this sketch is just to show the general layout.