Saturday, 24 December 2011

Santa makes a delivery...

One more Christmas offering, this one from Warwick Johnson Cadwell...

"Ah, that's better."

You can find lots more WJC art here, including this rendition of none other than The Coffin Fly!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Tomeu Morey

This card arrived in my in-box yesterday. Isn't it great?

Click for larger size!

Tomeu is an illustrator, living in Spain and a close collaborator with Guillem March. I first saw Tomeu's work as a colour artist on Guillem's line art for Azrael, when I took over the book at DC. His colour work is very different to most mainstream colourists and he captured the atmosphere of the book perfectly.

Azrael #10 - Line art by Guillem March, Colour art by Tomeu Morey
You can see more of Tomeu's work here

NME Songbook - 1984

 Before I switched entirely to writing for a living, I spent 25 years making a living as an artist, in comics and elsewhere. In the 80's I did a lot of work for the New Musical Express. The art editor, Andy Martin was great. Even though I didn't even have a telephone at the time, which made me impossible to reach, he would always give me work. Basically he let me draw anything I wanted and I would drop it off at the office. Often the drawings had nothing to do with music, but he would always fit them in somewhere. 
 Every year, the NME would have a double-size Christmas special, which featured the NME songbook with 10 songs from the year, illustrated by full-page pictures. Some of the leading illustrators of the time were used and the illustrations were printed full broadsheet size. It was quite a prestigious gig, so when Andy asked me if I would like to do one for the 1984 issue I was incredibly pleased. He gave me the opening slot, featuring my hand-drawn title for the songbook as well as the illustration for Bronski Beat's 'Small Town Boy', the year's gay anthem.
 I still think it was one of my better pieces, except maybe for the horrible lettering of the lyrics (lettering was never my strong point). So I was chuffed as hell about this and told all my friends to buy a copy. Then when I picked up the issue from the news agent I opened it with trembling hands to find... that my name was spelled wrong. Look closely at the scan below and you'll see I've touched up the letters on my name - DAVID HIND indeed!