Monday, 30 January 2012

The Bulletproof Coffin - The Reviews

Shaky Kane is in top form yet again with Disinterred, brilliantly emulating the style of old school comics coloring while providing line work that frequently compares to or surpasses Darrow and Quitely at their best. …Hine and Kane already gave us one of the smartest comics on the stands in 2010 and they look ready to continue the trend in 2012. (5 stars) 

…an intriguing follow-up to the original series…highly accessible to new readers. Fans of pulp magazine stories will find a lot to love here. (8/10)   

Insane, unadulterated genius…this is a world where deranged pop-art flashes psychedelic images at your brain and dares you to keep up… The first issue contains one of the most brilliant openings to a series that I’ve ever read, easily rivalling the long-cherished Watchmen, and does so in a way that completely characterises the irreverence we’re to expect from the rest of the series.

Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #1’s greatest strength is David Hine’s story of one man’s paranoia and eventual downfall.  Through his story and Shaky Kane’s art, Detective Sartre’s descent into madness is clearly understood. Sartre’s return as a “superhero,” likewise, is unlike any other story, making it worth the price of admission alone.  There’s no telling where Hine and Kane will be taking Detective Sartre in the future.

 For those of you who haven’t read the original masterpiece then I recommend checking out the new series. If you like what you see, then pick up the Bulletproof Coffin TPB.  I’m sure though that after reading the first issue, you will be so intrigued you won’t be able to help but to check it out! 

 The one-and-done origin story is both economical and generous.  Hine succeeds in delivering a subtle character arc that finds Sartre, the hard-nosed detective, give way to Sartre, the paranoid McCarthyist…And it does so without wasting time. (8.5/10)

…an insanely satisfying read. It did it’s pulp/noir roots a great service without feeling stale or forced and mixed in enough sophisticated modern satire with Sartre’s delusions and paranoia backed up with a healthy dose of  McCarthyist fear mongering to make me clamor for more.…Best book I read this week by far.

 A sequel to one of the craziest, most meta series I’ve ever read, Bulletproof Coffin continues at Image with this new series, Disinterred. And I’m happy to say, its as over the top insane and deconstructive as it’s ever been…If they keep this up for the whole series, Hine and Kane will be able to define themselves as the evil versions of Criminal’s Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

 This is crime drama done right. It’s offensive, gruesome, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously… This comic book is incredibly fun… I’d recommend picking this one up, even if you haven’t read the first arc in the series.

...a wonderful mix of face melting action and slow building tension. Kane's artwork is beautiful in its retro awkwardness, and it meshes so well with Hine's kooky storytelling that I often forget they aren't the same person.

What’s not to love about watching a tough-as-nails detective slip into the psychedelic walls of madness, pushed over the edge by a particularly gruesome case involving some of the more creative crime scenes since Se7en, coupled with male power sex fantasies on overdrive?    Hine’s story is refreshing in its humour and derangement which are illustrated to perfection by Shaky Kane

Seek this one out, people, as I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

...hands down the weirdest book Image has ever put out...Is this title going to soothe your X-Men jones? No. It is also not a nostalgia trip aimed at 40-something losers with a stack of Silver Age comics in their attic. It's a taut, deeply weird book that is something else entirely. Is it worth reading? Hell yes.
Newsarama: Best Shots

Great to have Bulletproof Coffin back.  If you love homages to the more adult entertainment offerings from the 1950s, this is something you’ll enjoy a LOT.

 I recommend you get out and buy this now, in order to be reminded as to the reasons why Comics were so much fun to read, before they became tediously sophisticated and cynical, or some twat’s stepping stone to movies !

The origin of The Shield of Justice will bring meaning to your wasteful and empty life! Get it before it gets you, you dirty earthmen.

Buy The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred from your nearest comic book store or download direct from Image Digital

If you missed the first series, catch up now with the trade paperback from Amazon UK or Amazon US, or download the digital collection from Image or Comixology


  1. This was an awesome read! Looking forward to issue 2. You and Shaky are a match made in Heaven... or Hell. But with you, Dave, I'm sure the latter.

  2. Thanks Greg. Glad you liked it. We're pretty pleased with the response so far. I think you'll like issue 2 - three short horror stories.

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