Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Disinterred: The Origins of The Bulletproof Coffin #7

While everyone at The Bulletproof Coffin loves Detective Fiction, we also have a soft spot (somewhere in our heads) for True Detective reportage. I've been digging deep today, going all the way back to 1935 to unearth some of the very best authentic detective publications. Detective Weekly was a heady mix of fact and fiction...

August 1935 - Published by Amalgamated Press which later became Fleetway, publisher of 2000AD

This Classics Illustrated Special is from February 1959

The World Around Us #35 - Classics Illustrated August 1961

British Edition from The Argus Press Ltd - I'm not sure of the exact date but it must be mid-1950's

From the same issue, a Brain Teasing 'Whodunnit?' 
No peeking at the answers until you've figured out all the clues!

And here's the solution.

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