Monday, 30 January 2012

Shaky Kane: Blast From The Past #10

In 2002 Wishbone Studio published a collection of Shaky's strips from Deadline. The cover featured a Mondo Dalek. Here's the original black-and-white, a limited edition colour print and the cover as it appeared in print.


  1. David,

    Loved the most recent Bulletproof Coffin and am eagerly awaiting the next. Do you have any idea where copies of A-Men might be available from at this point? I've searched high and low online and haven't been able to track down a single store/seller with it in stock (and respectfully assume that Kane wouldn't take to placing any orders direct through him) and couldn't think of who else to ask.

    Many Thanks,

    Stephen Williamson

  2. I'm afraid there are very few copies of A-Men in existence. I know Shaky only has one or two copies himself. I can only suggest keeping an eye on ebay.