Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Britain Hits Back! Sometime Stories

The first time I heard of Brett Ewins and Brendan McCarthy was when I picked up this comic in 1977. There was the same do-it-yourself attitude that defined the punk movement, and the same in-your-face approach to graphics on the cover, though the logo itself was curiously traditional. Most of the interior art was produced by the two artists passing pages back and forth, so it's often impossible to tell who did what. For many years I pictured McCarthy/Ewins as a single monstrous artist with two heads.

The comic only lasted one issue. A second was prepared and went to print, but all the copies were lost in a warehouse flood. Years later, Brett co-edited Deadline with Steve Dillon and British comics were changed forever. But this is where it all began.

This is from Brett's editorial:

Brendan McCarthy writes and draws in collaboration with myself in between studying at Chelsea College of Art, and infuses his stories with his interest in the folk and faery lore of his native Ireland...while I put in a full-time job as writer, artist and editor. 
We are both products of the sixties: brought up on a suitable diet of Marvel and DC comics, British Television - The old Avengers, Danger Man, The Prisoner, and later the work of Steranko, Barry Smith's Conan, and of course, the best comic strip of all, The Spirit, by Will Eisner. We hope to continue in the tradition of all the greats by presenting something completely new and original - the first true British comic, aimed at all generations of comic reader.

Impeccable taste and bold intent, which they went on to fulfill in spades. Brendan McCarthy talk about Sometime Stories here.


  1. Hi David - have you heard any updates about Brett Ewins' condition/situation since his arrest? Thanks

  2. I believe he's still in hospital, but I hear he's recovering well, though it did look very serious for a while.