Friday, 10 February 2012

Judge Dredd - "Drokk! Blimp!"

Here's a scan of a page from 'Blow Out', a Dredd story I illustrated for 2000AD #949 back in 1995. Story by John Wagner. The art is heavily influenced by Mick McMahon, my favourite Dredd artist.


  1. Wow, you need to post more art. Having only seen your work on Strange Embrace, it's really great to see more of your illustrations. Did you also do the ink & color duties or was it solely the line art? A definite McMahon influence, especially in the helmet & jawline. Awesome.

  2. Yeah, I totally ripped off Mick. all the art was mine, inks colours etc. I used to have a different style for every job I did back then, depending on what I was into.