Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Last Days Of Tony B

Mano Mano Comix was printed in a limited edition of 150 copies in Paris in 1985. I was spending a lot of time there, visiting my girlfriend, and met a lot of budding BD artists. There was a thriving independent comics scene and comics like this were springing up and disappearing every other week. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the creators featured in this edition (the editors were called Bob and Luidgi, that's all I know), but I was grateful to find a home there for at least one of my comics, the five-page story "The Last Days of Tony B" shown below.

I apologise for all the angst. It was a long time ago, Thatcher was ruling Britain and I had been living too long on the dole. The story was inspired by the disappearance of a young guy from the squat where I lived for a time in Brixton. He was eventually found floating in the Thames. Tony B is not his real name.

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