Wednesday, 29 February 2012

London Supercon

I made it to London Supercon for one day on Sunday. Thanks to Jeff Chahal for setting me up for signing on the Close Encounters table, and thank you to all the people who came along to chat and get stuff signed.

I guess I should also thank Jeff for this very special gift...

Photos by Josh Price

I'm beginning to suspect that I should take a more proactive approach to preserving my public image. Here is the other photo that made its way onto Facebook over the weekend.

Photo by Tony Lee - well it had to be, didn't it?

I was more than a little jet-lagged after a very long flight home from Vietnam on Saturday, so if I talked gibberish at you during the Con, that's my excuse. The Con seemed to be a great success. 7,000 people attended I believe and there wasn't a sign of non-comic media, which made a pleasant change, though it was weird to be at the Excel Centre without the hordes of Cosplayers. 7,000 people actually came out just for the comics!

I didn't do a lot of shopping but I did pick up two lovely prints from Warwick Johnson Cadwell.

And this print from Bernie Wrightson - an illustration from the all-time classic Frankenstein

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