Friday, 24 February 2012

Shaky Kane: Blast From The Past #12

Back in December, I posted my art for the 1984 New Musical Express Illustrated songbook. Four years later, Shaky Kane was featured in the 1988 songbook illustrating 'I Want Your Love' by Transvision Vamp. This was during Shaky's 'Gender Crisis' period (note the Tracey Kane signature). Ah, the eighties...


  1. he came and stayed with us in Plymouth in about 1985, when we were at college - with his girlfriend Helen. They knew my mates girlfriend Mel. We were in a band Lucifers are Cats and he did made a cardboard model - bob dobbs pyramid of enlightenment - which i still have in the attic. I came across him today when I was looking at a Kickstarter project and notice he was one of the contributing artists - then i googled him and ended up here. Funny that. (i did not recognise him on Vimeo with his specs on - but when he just wore a hat - there he was! Just as i remember ). Say hi to him from Simon (Spear) and Andy (Axe).

  2. I'll pass that on to him. And hang on to that Pyramid of Enlightenment. Could be worth a fortune one day :)

  3. I remember them both well!
    It was the greatest time. They were truly the coolest.
    We even tried out a song together, I'd written
    ZERO BOYS...
    There's a swamp beneath the city
    A Sea World in the stars
    The mandrake grows between your toes
    and wraps your prison bars

    The succubus sleeps lightly
    nestled at your breast
    The fickle faggot vampire spits blood upon your dress

    The Silver Surfer's crying
    He cried to chrome his roots
    He ran away with the Zero Boy
    with the seven league boots

    Don't you tell me
    Don't you tell me lies
    You've fallen for the Zero Boys
    It's tattooed on your eyes

    HA HA! Often wonder what you Lucifer Cat's are up to!

  4. Actually I'm Laurie the Epic Dude's dad SHAKY!!!

  5. hi - Andy says Hi by the way - he is now a professor of Psychology in Australia.
    I just set the ZERO BOYS to some music I was working on (rough and quick).

    best wishes - simon