Thursday, 22 March 2012


More publicity online for The Darkness #101. Hear artist Jeremy Haun and myself talking live to Comic Geek Speak. I'm embracing the Darkness at Comic Book Resources, talking to Ain't it Cool with Jeremy Haun, and interviewed at Comic Vine. Eric Stephenson blogs The Darkness on  It Sparkles! and this press release is going out all over.


  1. This was a VERY fun read! Based on the horror works you did on Spawn, I'm very excited to see what you can do with psychological horror in the Darkness mythos. Love Jackie so this is gonna be grand. Jeremy's art was great as always, and the "ceremony" scene really POPPED. The vomit scene... yeesh! Amazing.

    I actually laughed at the ending. Haha! Good stuff.

    Also, write the hell outta Aram! And I hope he continues to be a regular on the book. We need more bad-ass black characters in these types of books.

    Can't wait for #102.

  2. Thanks, Greg. Aram may not be in every issue, but I have big plans for him later.