Sunday, 8 April 2012

Pulp Fiction

Here are a few favourite classic Pan book covers picked off the shelf.

All of these books were adapted for movies or TV.
Here's Roger Moore in 'King of the Beggars' taken from 'Call for the Saint.'


  1. I live in Goldfinger's masterpiece of Brutalism "Balfron Tower" and giggle with delight every time I see that fleming book.
    Did you hear how when Goldfinger discovered the James Bond baddie would be named after him he threatened to sue.
    Fleming (who hated the architect) responded by saying he would be happy to change the name of the villain......
    to "Goldprick".
    After that the case apparently was dropped Fleming got his way and Ernő Goldfinger was sent some free copies of the book.

    1. All new info to me. I love it. I'd like to have seen how it would have played out in court. Fleming and Goldfinger seem equally obnoxious in their own ways.