Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More Best Reviews of The Bulletproof Coffin!

Following Keith Silva's excellent interrogative review of The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4, here are a couple more reviews we highly recommend.

Low Frequency Listener waxes beat/lyrical with a cut-up review.

Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4


Bull Lee spouts loose nouns in Tennessee, condones lore forBulletproof Coffin: Disinterred.

Fie on order!

Cut bold!

Plot is lone sore bone-prone flop-rusted dusted corpse on snot corpuscle bier rots. Pure ordered prose foul fools, ruins fun since bop-optic prose is snubbed.

Burn forced filters!


Bop-optic color prose finds prophets!

Dual-dopes score profits, but strip, bind, pin, slit, slice burn, pound, club, bend, belt, rend, spin, stub, rip, bleed to stifle-snuff not-old optic tropes so to send flood of foul tides of bored bile soup snore stories.


Scuttle double estates’ four color snore lore! Topple forlorn Stan Lee’s past epics, torpedo DC, side step spider titles, bust dull Robin’s dudes.

Instead distill pure bold pure color bop-optic lore. Riff on blood. Build better plots of unplots, ironic tells, don’t settle for bored sort or stupid tales. Undo dire duo! Let tepid stern bulletproof lust nurse flirt free in rubber corset until led to cloud bed to pounce for Bulletproof Coffin bounce! Undo blouse, bustle, robe, doublet, tie, tubes, bib, purse, belt, binds, ropes, to be free free free! Rouse plot fires! Bolster fine tonic fonts! Toss dice! Stir oddness!

Lift fists for Independents!   

Sin Bold!



Find Bulletproof Coffin! Pull Bulletproof Coffin. Opt for Bulletproof Coffin. Build odes to Bulletproof Coffin. ScourBulletproof Coffin. Sift Bulletproof Coffin. Ponder Bulletproof Coffin

Bulletproof Coffin fine food for soul.

Spirit of Bull Lee slides out, but resides infinite in bulletproof coffin.

‘nuff said.

(but not end)

Check it out in the original dayglo green pixellated prose here

And over on G4 TV Richard Starkings commits graphic mutilation with a pair of scissors.


  1. Hey Mr. Hine, did you and/or Shaky write the dialog for Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred #4 before or after you and your co-conspirators arranged the present published layout? I noticed in the issue's Destroyovski’s editorial the panels in the photo are absent of word boxes/balloons. How Dada did you get?

  2. Some of the dialogue and captions I wrote in advance along with the panel descriptions I sent to Shaky. Most were written after the art came in. Those panels in the photo don't have any lettering because they are print-outs of the pre-publication art. Lettering is only added after the pages are sent to Richard Starkings' Comicraft for design and lettering.

    All lettering and captions were written before the final order of publication. I didn't want to be influenced by the juxtaposition of images. Those four full-page splashes were re-written to show how the juxtaposition of certain images can suggest new associations.

    1. Thank you for the info sir. I cut up BPC:D#4 and reassembled it in a PDF. You can download it at www.gotohellcomics.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed the process very much. Love you guys.

  3. That's really great. As you suggest, there wasn't intended to be a single 'correct' linear narrative. The one you have come up with is fascinating and there are some new connections that never occurred to me. Glad you had fun with this and I did indeed enjoy your new version. I'll pass it on to Shaky and tweet it too.

  4. Actually John, do you mind if I run your version here on the blog for those who don't want to download the full PDF? I'm really impressed with the effort you went to. I'll link to your blog too.