Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crossed Badlands: The Golden Road

Here's a book I've been working on for a while, now solicited from Avatar - a 5-issue arc of Crossed: Badlands beginning in September. I have a feeling Rich Johnston is to blame for this. A while back he suggested to Avatar publisher, William Christensen, that I might be just the man to add to the list of writers who have dipped into the bloody history of The Crossed. A list that includes creator Garth Ennis, David Lapham, Jamie Delano and Simon Spurrier.

Once I had the nod from Garth, I  basically closed my eyes and dived in head first. Crossed is not a book for faint hearts, whether you're a consumer or creator. This is transgressive literature at its most graphic and there have been a few times when my nerve almost failed me. Whenever that happens though, I summon up the image from Si Spurrier's "Wish You Were Here". The one with the dolphin. If you've seen it, you know the one I mean. Somehow no amount of buggery, necrophilia and cannibalism can ever match that one.

The real challenge of Crossed is to write a meaningful story that not only rises above the horror, but depends on the horror to acquire its meaning. I think I've succeeded. My 5-issue arc of Crossed: Badlands is called "The Golden Road" and runs from issue #14 through #18. I'm very pleased with the result, even if it was typed with gritted teeth and accompanied by the occasional shudder.

The art is absolutely brilliant. William has found an amazing young artist called Georges Duarte. You can see a few samples of his art here. The attention to detail, the characterisation, composition and drawing skills you can see on display here show an artist with huge potential, but when the artwork started coming in, it far exceeded my expectations. Georges has all the makings of a superstar and in the coming months I'll be tapping Avatar for some advance art to dazzle you all.

Meanwhile, here are the covers for our first issue.

Wraparound Cover by Oscar Jiminez

Red Crossed Incentive Cover by Jacen Burrows

Torture Cover by Gianluca Pagliarani

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