Friday, 8 June 2012

Ray Bradbury - First Encounters

I got the reading bug early. When I was a kid I would spend the weekends in second hand shops and church jumble sales, hunting for books and comics. The first time I came across the work of Ray Bradbury was in the pages of these two pulp monthlies. "The Jar" and "The Illustrated Man" were classic carnival horror stories. Years later, "The Illustrated Man" formed the basis for my own son's nightly entertainment. I told him about a man whose body was covered in tattoos, each one illustrating a 'true' story. Every night Alex would come up with a picture and I would tell him the story that went with it. There were tales of dragons and snakes, ghosts, witches and pirates - lots of pirates.

That was the thing about Ray Bradbury - reading his stories made you want to go away and tell your own.

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