Sunday, 30 December 2012

Don Lawrence illustrates The Bible Story - #1

On the 7th March 1964, the first issue of The Bible Story was published by Fleetway Publications. Fleetway already had a reputation for producing high quality educational magazines, including their flagship Look and Learn magazine. While the articles were well written and researched, it was the quality of the illustrations that made these magazines shine.

Art by James McConnell

Over the next few days, I'll be scanning and posting some of the best illustrations, concentrating on the contributions of Don Lawrence, who is best known for 'The Trigan Empire' and the long-running 'Storm'. The most significant work was the serialized comic strip, 'Herod The Great' which ran from issues 23 through 29. After #29, Bible Story was amalgamated with Look and Learn and soon disappeared. But Lawrence's work on 'Herod the Great' ensured that he was first in line to illustrate 'The Trigan Empire', which started its run in Ranger magazine, a year after The Bible Story bit the dust. Ranger also eventually amalgamated with Look and Learn, and 'The Trigan Empire' ran there until the magazine was finally cancelled in 1982 - a grand total of 854 episodes. 'Herod the Great' only ran for 7 episodes but it was a worthy forerunner to Don Lawrence's better-known work. Here is episode one...

And an illustration from issue #5...

Ulfilas preaching to the Goths (Click for higher resolution)

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