Saturday, 7 January 2012

Odds and Sods #3 - Violent Cases and KAK

If you enjoyed the last "Odds and Sods", featuring Shaky Kane art from Escape magazine, then you should check out, where you can learn why every copy of that first issue of Escape had to be touched up by hand. You can also see photos like this:

Phil Elliott, Myra Hancock and Paul Gravett in 1987
Don't they look sweet? That was taken at the UK Comic Art Convention. But before there was UKCAC, there was KAK (Konvention of Alternative Komix), launched in 1976. I found this convention comic from the second KAK in 1977, with cover by Hunt Emerson and Chris Welch.

I'll be perfectly honest and admit I'm not sure if I actually went to this - or maybe it's a case of "If you remember it, you weren't there!" In which case, I was there! Included inside is this strip by Brian Talbot, going all 'New Wave'. 

This was definitely a period when hippy was meeting punk. Sunday night at the Con featured a RAT CLUB party with Oi! band Skrewdriver. I'm assuming this was before Skrewdriver nailed their neo-Nazi colours to the mast. 

(In fact, after doing a quick Google I found this on Wikipedia: Some members of the original Skrewdriver objected strongly to the new direction in which Donaldson took the later band. Roger Armstrong of Chiswick Records said: "It is a shame that the name was dragged through the gutter like that. The other three guys in the band were really pissed off too. Grinny the drummer came from solid northern socialist stock... When they made records for us Ian Stuart showed no signs of fascism. The skinhead image was a — maybe in hindsight misconceived — fashion thing.")

But enough about them, more about Escape. I'll leave you with this program for the stage version of Violent Cases, the seminal graphic novella by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean - published by ESCAPE!

The stage play presented at the Latchmere Theatre, London in 1988