Monday, 9 January 2012

Original Art by R.M. Guéra

In November 2010, I was invited to Lille Comics Festival, a French convention that concentrates on 'Comics' as opposed to Bandes Dessinées. I knew that Scalped artist R.M. Guéra was also invited so I had it fixed so I could be placed beside him during the long days' sketching. Guéra turned out to be a charming and fascinating guy, as I guessed he would be. 

Giuseppe Camoncoli to my right, R.M. Guéra to my left.

My partner, Vikki made the trip with me. Vikki isn't a big reader of American comics but when I persuaded her to read Scalped she loved it. I asked Guéra if he would draw a quick sketch for her as a surprise, and he came up with this beautiful portrait of Dashiell Bad Horse.

He also did this sketch for my son, Alex, making us one very happy family.

You can see more of R.M. Guéra's art here.