Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Evil Eye - The Locked Room

Here is the full 8-page prologue to the unpublished Evil Eye creator-owned series I wrote and drew for Marvel UK back in 1994. This appeared in Marvel Frontier Comics Special. It's a fairly straightforward mystery story in the style of the short mystery and horror stories I had absorbed since I was a kid, notably in the Alan Class reprints. This only hints at the story I had outlined for the Evil Eye series. I'll be posting the lettered layouts for the first issue later, when I have the time to pull it out and scan it all.

Lettering is by Ellie DeVille, who also lettered the original Strange Embrace. I have no idea who coloured it. Colourists were rarely credited back then as the art was usually lettered before a colourist was assigned. If anyone who was working at Marvel UK has any idea who might have done it, I'll post a credit.  It was a good job (Possibly the late Steve Whitaker?).