Sunday, 15 January 2012

"It Came From THE BOX..." # 2 - The Electric Hoax by Brendan McCarthy

These are kind of special. Some very early work from Brendan McCarthy. The Electric Hoax ran for a few months in the weekly British music paper Sounds in 1978. It was written by Pete Milligan, and was the beginning of a beautiful partnership, though I don't think they ever signed it with their own names, preferring pseudonyms like The Post-Nuclear Depressionists and The Human Haters. I don't think it has been reprinted, though you can see a few scans on Brendan's own blogspot.

These aren't perfect scans. I lugged them around with me from home to home and they have suffered from mildew and yellowing, and it even looks like the mice have gotten to a few of them, but I rather think that adds to the appeal, don't you?