Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Brendan McCarthy - "The Eyes Of JFK"

This is the second and final set of scans from art mag Cipher, published in 1980. 
From the back cover of Cipher #2, here's a line-up of contributors.

Top row is David Plante on the left, editor Jake Tilson in the centre. Bottom row is
Brendan McCarthy masquerading as Dr Cypher, Henry Evans and assistant editor Steve Whitaker,

The cover of Cipher #3 is another early colour Xerox designed by Jake Tilson.

For this Apocalyptic issue, the print run was up to 300

Brendan's story in this issue is, if anything, even more enigmatic than "Dr Cypher" from issue 2.
The title page is a colour Xerox pasted along the top edge.

Lifting the Xerox reveals this photograph of Kennedy...

...followed by four delicately pencilled pages...

So what does it all mean? Only Dr Cypher knows, and he's not talking.