Saturday, 21 January 2012


BLAB! is a comics anthology, edited by Monte Beauchamp, which has had a number of publishers, including Fantagraphics and Last Gasp. There's a brief publishing history on Wikipedia and samples from more recent issues on Blabworld. I was looking at my copies of the early issues from Kitchen Sink Press and it struck me that these were even better than I remembered. The magazine came out as A5 (that's half American comic book size) square-bound books of over a hundred pages each. Below are some of my favourite covers. No interiors this time - scanning them would damage the spines - but I have listed the contents of issue #3 so you can see the caliber of contributors.

It's hard to say how much influence these books had on the development of The Bulletproof Coffin, but I suspect my brain was seriously polluted by all the lunacy.

Cover by Charles Burns
Contents (#3)
"Seduction of The Innocent" by Frederic Wertham MD and Daniel Clowes
Clowes illustrates choice selections from Wertham's book
"Tex's Bad Dream" by Spain Rodriguez
"What the Censor Saw" by Richard Sala
"Bubbling Over" by Bhob Stewart
An in-depth history of Bazooka Joe - the strip that came with Bazooka Bubblegum 
(One of Shaky Kane's biggest influences!)
"The Final Days Of Paul John Knowles" by Joe Coleman
Coleman's art and stories always chill me to the bone
and this true history of The Casanova Killer is no exception
"Scenes From Wagandi Island" by Kim Deitch
"A Date With The Devil" by Richard Sala
"The BLAB! Dating Depot" by Xno
Find your perfect love match, you sick weirdo!
"Comments on Crumb" by everybody
Possibly the highlight of a great issue. 50 pages of tributes to Robert Crumb by a Who's Who of contemporary creators including Kim Deitch, Trina Robbins, Harvey Pekar, Alan Moore, Savage Pencil, Gilbert Hernandez, Chester Brown, Ralph Steadman and many more

Cover by Drew Friedman with colour by Monte Beauchamp

Cover by Dan Clowes