Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kapow! - Storm Dogs!

Last weekend was the second KAPOW! in London's Business Design Centre, and what an exciting time we had! In fact, in the picture below you can see me getting so excited my hands are a blur. This was the Image Superstars panel with Eric Stephenson. Me and Shaky felt quite chuffed to be 'Superstars' until we heard about the 'Image Megastars' panel on Sunday. Still, we got to share the platform with talented Image creators, Sean Phillips, Charlie "Oh god, no! Please don't ask me to draw you as a zombie...oh all right then" Adlard and the eminent Mr Paul Grist. Next year we're planning to make it onto the 'Image Hyperstars' panel.

The first super-exciting announcement was the release of The Bulletproof Coffin: Disinterred Trade Paperback in August. Here's the cover. Look out for it on the shelves (or possibly under the counter).

And if you're wondering why Doug Braithwaite has also joined me on the stage in an unannounced special appearance, it's because of this...

STORM DOGS is a secret project I've been working on with Dougie for a while now. The first 6-issue arc will be released from Image starting in October. It's a science-fiction crime thriller that I pitched to Image publisher Eric Stephenson as "CSI in Space." How to pitch a book using only 10 letters! Many more details will be seeping out onto the internet over the coming months, not least on this blog, but for now, feast your eyes on Doug's beautiful character designs. Click on them for bigger versions.

Shaky and I also had a table in Artists' Alley where we were happy to meet and greet the fans. Here is a photo sent to us by Dinesh Mal, who is clearly delighted to meet his heroes.

See you all in Northampton in September for N.I.C.E with an all-star line-up, including the Image Hyperstars! And some bloke called Alan Moore.