Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Jimmy Olsen - Mobster's Moll

When I go to conventions in the USA I always make a point of checking out the dealers' tables. There is a vast array of old comics available, far more than you can find at UK conventions, and if you're not too worried about the condition of the comics, you can pick up some real bargains. Today I'm scanning some of the gems I picked up at NYCC last year, starting with the classic transvestite Jimmy Olsen story "Miss Jimmy Olsen" by Robert Bernstein (script), Curt Swan (pencils) and Stan Kaye (inks), from the 1996 Jimmy Olsen 80-page giant. Originally published in Jimmy Olsen  #95, this was already Jimmy's third outing as a crossdresser.

And at this point, I'll draw a veil over the proceedings.
(You really don't want to see Big Monte snogging a monkey do you?)


  1. Curt Swan always drew women (and apparently transvestites) so beautifully!

  2. Jimmy is a real cutey isn't s/he?