Friday, 15 November 2013

STORM DOGS TPB at Thought Bubble

Don't miss the chance to pick up the trade paperback of STORM DOGS Season 1 at Thought Bubble, the Leeds Comic Art Festival. Doug Braithwaite and myself will be signing copies for you from our table in the Image Zone. Okay there isn't officially an Image Zone, but there will be more Image creators here than are safe for your health (or wallet) - Ming Doyle, Kieron Gillen, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Fiona Staples, Ales Kot, Eric Stephenson, Jamie McKelvie, Sean Phillips, Si Spurrier, Nick Spencer, Boo Cook, Rich Starkings...ah, sod it! Just check the list of guests here: Thought Bubble Guests

You can see lots more material here: MY BOOKS: STORM DOGS


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