Friday, 5 December 2014

'Witchcraft Through The Ages' with your host, William Burroughs

Originally titled 'Haxan', this wonderful documentary on witchcraft, written and directed by Benjamin Christensen, was originally released in 1922. William Burroughs recorded his narration in 1968.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Crossed:Badlands - new arc for 2015

My sequel to Crossed: Badlands - Gore Angels is out in February of 2015. This new arc is set in Tokyo and is called 5 Bloody Fingers. The story runs from issue #71 through #74. Here is the solicit for the opening part:

David Hine returns with a tale that rips open a fresh bloody wound in the Crossed universe as he takes us back to Japan. When a group of five friends realize this isn’t a video game, but life itself has gone crazy, they are thrust into a mad rush to save each other. But the horrors of he Crossed in Tokyo are more than they ever imagined. Available with Regular and Wraparound covers by Fernando Heinz, Torture cover by Christian Zanier, a Fatal Fantasy cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive cover also by Heinz.

And here is a selection of covers...

Interior art is by Nahuel Lopez and it is damned impressive. Take a look at these unlettered pages from the first issue...

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thought Bubble

I will be at the very wonderful Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds this weekend. Find me in New Dock Hall at Table 21...

Look out for this nifty little banner that just arrived in the post...

...and buy a copy of this...

Friday, 31 October 2014

666 free copies of Strange Embrace for Halloween

To celebrate Halloween the digital graphic novel store SEQUENTIAL is giving away 666 copies of the enhanced edition of my graphic novel STRANGE EMBRACE for one day only. This "director's cut" has audio commentary, interview, sketches, full script and much more. See my blog Strange Embrace on Sequential for more details of this special edition.

Use this link to get your copy. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Southeast Asian Comics in London

My good friend Lim Cheng Tju has curated an exhibition of comics from Southeast Asia. Online details here. The exhibition is showing at The Proud Archivist, which is at 2 - 10, Hertford Rd, London N1 5ET. Individual events are listed here from 24th October - 2nd November 2014.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Book Launch Party for New York Comic Con

I'm heading out to New York next week for the New York Comic Con. I won't be doing a lot of panels and signings this time, but I will be promoting the USA launch of The Man Who Laughs. I'll be signing at the Abrams booth 11.30 Saturday morning and on Thursday evening (October 9th) there's  launch party at Bergen Street Comics with a whole bunch of creators. See the poster below. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to meeting these guys...

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spider-Man Noir, The Man Who Laughs, Singapore Writers Festival

Lots of news this week. Edge of Spider-Verse #1 leads off the much heralded Marvel event of the year featuring "every Spider-Man ever" and features none other than Spider-Man Noir.

Fabrice Sapolsky and I created this character a few years back and we wrote two limited series for the Marvel Noir Line. Since then the character has grown in popularity and has featured in the video game Shattered Dimensions...

Not to mention appearances in the animated Avengers Assemble...

...and Ultimate Spider-Man" Web Warriors...

...and some very cool Cosplay...

Cosplay by Darthayato, photo by Kuragiman

Tomorrow you can pick up Edge of Spider-Verse #1 to see the one-shot story, co-plotted with Fabrice Sapolsky, featuring Spider-Man Noir in 1939. As Europe is about to be plunged into war, Peter Parker finds himself embroiled in another war that crosses the barriers of time and the multiverse...

Art by Richard Isanove

Also The Man Who Laughs is released in the USA tomorrow, 9th September. Shortlisted for Best Book in last years British Comic Awards, this is an adaptation of the novel by Victor Hugo that inspired the character of The Joker, illustrated by Mark Stafford. Ask for it at your comic or book store or buy from Amazon. If you are going to SPX in Bethseda, Maryland this weekend (September 13th - 14th) you can pick up a copy from the SelfMadeHero table...

And if you're in the UK you can get a copy signed by Mark and myself at N.I.C.E. in Bedford.

This is a screen shot. You can link to the page here

Lastly the Singapore Writers Festival has just announced its line-up of guests. I'll be joining comic creators, Troy Chin and Sonny Liew at what promises to be an exciting event. This year's theme is The Prospect of Beauty and I'll be conducting a workshop as well as appearing on two panels, one with my good friend Lim Cheng Tju.

This is another screen shot. Click here for the site

There are more details of the festival at TodayOnLine and HereBeGeeks

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Frank Bellamy: World War One

Illustrations for Michael Butterworth's The Story Of World War One from Look And Learn (1970) by the great Frank Bellamy.

Click to see full-size

Monday, 25 August 2014


Strange Embrace was first published in four parts by Tundra/Atomeka in 1993, which makes it over 20 years old! In that time it has been collected as a black-and-white trade by Richard Starkings' Active Images, then coloured by Rob Steen, re-lettered and published in 8 monthly parts by Image Comics. It was optioned twice by movie producers, made it into 1000 Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die and  500 Essential Graphic Novels. It also got me all the work I've had for American publishers since 2003. In 2008 Rich Starkings and designer JG Roshell put together a luxury hardbound version with loads of extras, which can be ordered from your local comic book store or from Amazon UK or Amazon US. And now, the ultimate digital version is available from SEQUENTIAL.

SEQUENTIAL is celebrating its first year as a shop front for the best of graphic novels in digital form. Their catalogue includes major work by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Brian Bolland, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Carol Swain, Hunt Emerson, David Lloyd, Dan Berry, Adam Cadwell, Alison Bechdell, Ellen Lindner, Frederik Peeters, Hannah Eaton, Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun, Gilbert Shelton, Harvey Pekar, Harvey Kurtzman, Ian Edginton, Rob Davis, ILYA, Rutu Modan, Woodrow Phoenix, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Oscar Zarate, Jeff Lemire, Nick Abadzis, Jim Woodring, I.N.J. Culbard and many more. It's an impressive line-up and many of the graphic novels have extra features to enhance your reading experience. 

My own contribution includes audio commentary for every single page, as well as sketches...

...unused artwork...

... an introduction by Peter Milligan, an interview with Paul Gravett and the original manuscript in full...

There's also a very good analytical piece by Markus Oppolzer of the University of Salzburg, Visualising The Fantastic In Strange Embrace. Here you can see Markus delivering the piece as a live presentation.

I'm indebted to Russell Willis and Chloe Pursey at Sequential for putting together a version of Strange Embrace that genuinely adds to the printed version. It only remains for me to urge you to  go to the Sequential site, download the free app if you don't already have it and jump in to the best collection of digital graphic novels you'll find anywhere.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

GNASH! Kane and Hine sign comics!

Here's hoping the weather holds for the weekend as I head down to sunny Devon to spend the weekend chez Shaky and his lovely wife Jane Kane and son Laurie. On Saturday afternoon we'll be motoring down to Gnash Comics in Ashburton to sign books, comics, rare first editions, rolls of toilet paper - you name it, we'll sign it! We will also be drawing our renowned Shaky Kane/Inky Hine sketches and a fun time is guaranteed for all. Here are the details...

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Alternative X-Men - David Yardin

There are times in the life of every comic book artist when they are confronted with a script that is guaranteed to provoke disbelief and, let's be honest, a moment, however transitory, of deep hatred for the writer. Here's what David Yardin was faced with when he illustrated my script for Marvel's What If...? X-Men: Deadly Genesis.

Page 14-15

Cue neat double-page pin-up of the two teams of mutants: Storm Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunspot etc. The idea here is to get David to produce a neat visual of a whole bunch of mutants in new variations of their uniforms. We won’t label anyone so it will be fun for the readers to identify all their favourite heroes. In fact we can use Hunt Kerman’s voice-over giving the challenge: “So how many of these mutant heroes can you name?”

Apart from the X-Men team of Vulcan, Darwin, Sway and Petra, who have the costumes they wore in Deadly Genesisall other characters have brand new uniforms.

(I have given up on finding new team-names – I thought X-patriots and Cadre-X were new, but both have been used at some point. I’m reduced to names like X-Crescence, the X-Foliators or the Jimi Hendrix X-Perience.)

David, I want you to have fun with this, throw in as many characters as you like and make this a real classic alternative universe pin-up.

Here’s a suggested list of characters you could use: Banshee, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird, Sunspot, Kitty Pryde, Dazzler, Longshot, Psylocke, Forge, Jubilee, Chamber, Gambit, Rogue, Cannonball, Shard, Bishop, Hecate, Northstar, Sage, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man, Micromax, Captain Britain, Sabra. Add to these if you want…

Foremost in the shot should be the main X-Men team of Darwin, Sway and Petra with Vulcan standing at the front in prominent position.

Basically I asked David to come up with a gazillion new X-Men costumes that would never be seen again!

As always, David rose to the challenge. Here's the result (Click on the image for full-size version)...

Pencils by David Yardin, inks by Kris Justice, colours by Guru eFX and letters by Dave Lanphear

Friday, 11 July 2014

London Film and Comic Con: 11th - 13th July 2014

I'm packing my gear and heading off to the London Film and Comic Con at Earl's Court. Tonight is preview night, from 6pm - 9pm. I'll be in the Comic Zone tonight and throughout the weekend.

There's a great line-up of guests this year. Full list here: LFCC Guests. In the Comic Zone there are Master Classes from the likes of Dan Abnett, Jon Bogdanove, Howard Chaykin, Gary Erskine, John Higgins, Steve Marchant and Bryan Talbot as well as portfolio reviews and the chance to meet umpteen creators. Or you can stand in a line and pay for an autograph from a gazillion stars of the silver screen.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Art by Doug Braithwaite and David Hine

Long before we began our collaboration on Storm Dogs, Doug Braithwaite and myself worked on a strip for an anthology title for Marvel UK called STRIP. This magazine was edited by Dan Abnett and mixed reprints of European comics with original creator-owned material. It ran bi-monthly for 20 issues from February - November 1990.  Our story was called "Ephraim, Utah" and appeared in issue 8. The story was written by Michael Bonner, Doug on pencils and I inked it! Here's one of the pages before it was lettered and coloured...

Story: Michael Bonner, Pencils Doug Braithwaite, Inks: David Hine

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Kane and Hine at Gnash!

Yes! We're going back to our roots. I'm heading to the West Country later this month to meet up with Shaky Kane at the wonderful Gnash Comics. Come along and get your books signed before the arthritis sets in!

Meanwhile, here's a nostalgic look at our younger years in Exeter, when we first collaborated on the infamous Joe Public Comix...

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"It Came From THE BOX..." The Spider - 1992

Here's another find from that mysterious box of mouldering old comics I keep under the bed. Back in 1992, following the success of Watchmen, Fleetway Editions came up with their own re-imagining of old British heroes (and anti-heroes) in the 2000AD Action Special.

Cover design and logo by Steve Cook, art by Brendan McCarthy

The list of creators involved on this one is pretty impressive: Peter Hogan, Sean Phillips, John Tomlinson, Jim Baikie, Alan McKenzie, Brett Ewins, Si Spencer, Shaky Kane, Lew Stringer, John Smith, John Burns and a cover designed by Steve Cook with art by Brendan McCarthy.

There was also a strip featuring The Spider, originally created for IPC Magazines in 1965 by Ted Cowan and Reg Bunn. This extra-psychotic version of the character, "The Spider: Vicious Games," ran to 15 pages. John Higgins drew the first 5 pages but was unable to complete the story so I was hired to draw the last 10 pages. Here's some of that art (Oh, and it was written by some geezer called Mark Millar...)

Story: Mark Millar, Art: David Hine, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Monday, 23 June 2014

MAMBO - The New Flesh

Coming soon, from SEQUENTIAL Digital Graphic Novels - the complete STRANGE EMBRACE. This will be the original black-and-white version as published by Atomeka in 1993 and collected in print by Active Images. The colour version from Image Comics is still available in print and digital but if you want to see the book in its original monochrome glory this will be the place to see it. There will be loads of extras and right now I'm scanning pieces for the 'other works' section. Here's a page from my strip MAMBO: The New Flesh Part 7  (2000AD Prog 895 from 1994). Mambo was a cop and, it turns out, she was also a mutant, as revealed in this episode. This was the second series. I usually did the colours, but this episode was coloured by Gina Hart.

MAMBO - Created, written and drawn by David Hine, Colours by Gina Hart, Letters by Ellie De Ville

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ELCAF 2014

The East London Comics and Arts Festival is taking place at the Oval Space in Bethnal Green on Saturday 14th June. This year's poster is by the wonderful Chris Ware, who will also be making a real life appearance!

Once again Self Made Hero will have a table flogging the very best of contemporary graphic novels at bargain prices. This is your chance to pick up the critically acclaimed (it says here) The Man Who Laughs, short-listed for last year's British Comic Awards. We're selling it for only £10 (RRP £14.99) and if you turn up between around 11am and 2.30pm, you can have it signed by myself and the bloke with the beard in the picture below. (He will also do you a little drawing of the laughing man himself if you ask nicely).

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Sketches: Paris 1991

I'm currently digging through old sketchbooks, putting together background material for the digital version of Strange Embrace for SEQUENTIAL. Among the character sketches for the comic, I came across these drawings I did at my friend Laurette's apartment in Paris. I wish I had sketched more. These capture the atmosphere so much better than photos.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

MCM London: Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th May

I'l be in the Comic Village at MCM Comic Con London this weekend. I should be at my table from about 3pm Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Below are just a few of the people who will be there...