Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sci-Fi Scarborough

Sci-Fi Scarborough (last weekend at the Scarborough Spa Complex) is a new addition to the smorgasborg of comics/fantasy/sci-fi/book/pop culture festivals that are popping up with increasing frequency all over the UK. I met co-organiser Andy Harness last year and he kindly invited me along as a guest. While the presence of comic book creators was low-key, the punters were friendly and curious. This was a new venture for Scarborough and some of the public were initially quite bemused by the whole thing, but also clearly enjoying it immensely. There was an eclectic mix of entertainment with music provided by an orchestra of local young people, the Easy Concert Band, playing themes from sci-fi movies, an enthusiastic bunch of cosplayers including some unusual couples (male and female Daleks and an Alien and Predator who appeared to be very much in love and keen to promote inter-species relationships) and Colin ("I AM the Doctor!") Baker and the stars of Red Dwarf hamming it up hilariously on stage. It was quite unlike any festival I've been to.

The venue is superb - an old Victorian spa yards from Scarborough's famous beach. Two bars and licensed café open all day as well as a very decent fast food restaurant provided non-stop sustenance. Outside on the Sun Court there were indie bands from the YCC Underground Music Institute playing all day on both Saturday and Sunday and on Saturday evening there was music at three locations throughout the venue. I spent a great evening with fellow-guest Gary Erskine enjoying indie bands No Warning and Jack's Idea on the Fritz Lang stage, followed by DJs Cardboard Cyborg in Farrers Bar and then the amazing Craig Charles in the Grand Hall with his superb Funk and Soul Club.

Here are a few photos to give you a taste of the event. I recommend that you check this out next year. It can only get bigger.


  1. Lovely to see you too, Richard. Same time, same place next year?

  2. Jodi Macdougall10 April 2014 at 17:06

    Lovely to meet you and thanks for keeping me entertained. X

  3. Hey Jodi, good to meet you and Ian too. See you next year or sooner if you make it to one of those London Cons...