Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"It Came From THE BOX..." The Spider - 1992

Here's another find from that mysterious box of mouldering old comics I keep under the bed. Back in 1992, following the success of Watchmen, Fleetway Editions came up with their own re-imagining of old British heroes (and anti-heroes) in the 2000AD Action Special.

Cover design and logo by Steve Cook, art by Brendan McCarthy

The list of creators involved on this one is pretty impressive: Peter Hogan, Sean Phillips, John Tomlinson, Jim Baikie, Alan McKenzie, Brett Ewins, Si Spencer, Shaky Kane, Lew Stringer, John Smith, John Burns and a cover designed by Steve Cook with art by Brendan McCarthy.

There was also a strip featuring The Spider, originally created for IPC Magazines in 1965 by Ted Cowan and Reg Bunn. This extra-psychotic version of the character, "The Spider: Vicious Games," ran to 15 pages. John Higgins drew the first 5 pages but was unable to complete the story so I was hired to draw the last 10 pages. Here's some of that art (Oh, and it was written by some geezer called Mark Millar...)

Story: Mark Millar, Art: David Hine, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Monday, 23 June 2014

MAMBO - The New Flesh

Coming soon, from SEQUENTIAL Digital Graphic Novels - the complete STRANGE EMBRACE. This will be the original black-and-white version as published by Atomeka in 1993 and collected in print by Active Images. The colour version from Image Comics is still available in print and digital but if you want to see the book in its original monochrome glory this will be the place to see it. There will be loads of extras and right now I'm scanning pieces for the 'other works' section. Here's a page from my strip MAMBO: The New Flesh Part 7  (2000AD Prog 895 from 1994). Mambo was a cop and, it turns out, she was also a mutant, as revealed in this episode. This was the second series. I usually did the colours, but this episode was coloured by Gina Hart.

MAMBO - Created, written and drawn by David Hine, Colours by Gina Hart, Letters by Ellie De Ville

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

ELCAF 2014

The East London Comics and Arts Festival is taking place at the Oval Space in Bethnal Green on Saturday 14th June. This year's poster is by the wonderful Chris Ware, who will also be making a real life appearance!

Once again Self Made Hero will have a table flogging the very best of contemporary graphic novels at bargain prices. This is your chance to pick up the critically acclaimed (it says here) The Man Who Laughs, short-listed for last year's British Comic Awards. We're selling it for only £10 (RRP £14.99) and if you turn up between around 11am and 2.30pm, you can have it signed by myself and the bloke with the beard in the picture below. (He will also do you a little drawing of the laughing man himself if you ask nicely).