Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"It Came From THE BOX..." The Spider - 1992

Here's another find from that mysterious box of mouldering old comics I keep under the bed. Back in 1992, following the success of Watchmen, Fleetway Editions came up with their own re-imagining of old British heroes (and anti-heroes) in the 2000AD Action Special.

Cover design and logo by Steve Cook, art by Brendan McCarthy

The list of creators involved on this one is pretty impressive: Peter Hogan, Sean Phillips, John Tomlinson, Jim Baikie, Alan McKenzie, Brett Ewins, Si Spencer, Shaky Kane, Lew Stringer, John Smith, John Burns and a cover designed by Steve Cook with art by Brendan McCarthy.

There was also a strip featuring The Spider, originally created for IPC Magazines in 1965 by Ted Cowan and Reg Bunn. This extra-psychotic version of the character, "The Spider: Vicious Games," ran to 15 pages. John Higgins drew the first 5 pages but was unable to complete the story so I was hired to draw the last 10 pages. Here's some of that art (Oh, and it was written by some geezer called Mark Millar...)

Story: Mark Millar, Art: David Hine, Letters: Annie Parkhouse

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