Monday, 23 June 2014

MAMBO - The New Flesh

Coming soon, from SEQUENTIAL Digital Graphic Novels - the complete STRANGE EMBRACE. This will be the original black-and-white version as published by Atomeka in 1993 and collected in print by Active Images. The colour version from Image Comics is still available in print and digital but if you want to see the book in its original monochrome glory this will be the place to see it. There will be loads of extras and right now I'm scanning pieces for the 'other works' section. Here's a page from my strip MAMBO: The New Flesh Part 7  (2000AD Prog 895 from 1994). Mambo was a cop and, it turns out, she was also a mutant, as revealed in this episode. This was the second series. I usually did the colours, but this episode was coloured by Gina Hart.

MAMBO - Created, written and drawn by David Hine, Colours by Gina Hart, Letters by Ellie De Ville

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