Monday, 25 August 2014


Strange Embrace was first published in four parts by Tundra/Atomeka in 1993, which makes it over 20 years old! In that time it has been collected as a black-and-white trade by Richard Starkings' Active Images, then coloured by Rob Steen, re-lettered and published in 8 monthly parts by Image Comics. It was optioned twice by movie producers, made it into 1000 Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die and  500 Essential Graphic Novels. It also got me all the work I've had for American publishers since 2003. In 2008 Rich Starkings and designer JG Roshell put together a luxury hardbound version with loads of extras, which can be ordered from your local comic book store or from Amazon UK or Amazon US. And now, the ultimate digital version is available from SEQUENTIAL.

SEQUENTIAL is celebrating its first year as a shop front for the best of graphic novels in digital form. Their catalogue includes major work by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Brian Bolland, Bryan Talbot, Mary Talbot, Carol Swain, Hunt Emerson, David Lloyd, Dan Berry, Adam Cadwell, Alison Bechdell, Ellen Lindner, Frederik Peeters, Hannah Eaton, Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun, Gilbert Shelton, Harvey Pekar, Harvey Kurtzman, Ian Edginton, Rob Davis, ILYA, Rutu Modan, Woodrow Phoenix, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Oscar Zarate, Jeff Lemire, Nick Abadzis, Jim Woodring, I.N.J. Culbard and many more. It's an impressive line-up and many of the graphic novels have extra features to enhance your reading experience. 

My own contribution includes audio commentary for every single page, as well as sketches...

...unused artwork...

... an introduction by Peter Milligan, an interview with Paul Gravett and the original manuscript in full...

There's also a very good analytical piece by Markus Oppolzer of the University of Salzburg, Visualising The Fantastic In Strange Embrace. Here you can see Markus delivering the piece as a live presentation.

I'm indebted to Russell Willis and Chloe Pursey at Sequential for putting together a version of Strange Embrace that genuinely adds to the printed version. It only remains for me to urge you to  go to the Sequential site, download the free app if you don't already have it and jump in to the best collection of digital graphic novels you'll find anywhere.

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