Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Frank Bellamy: World War One

Illustrations for Michael Butterworth's The Story Of World War One from Look And Learn (1970) by the great Frank Bellamy.

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  1. You've made me think I should do something on the anniversary of WW1...Boy am I slow!

    David, I'd love to get your thoughts on Bellamy in my 'mini-series' - (and that's aggrandisement if ever there was!) - called 'Fans of Frank'

  2. Just had a look at the Fans of Frank. Very interesting. I'm a bit too snowed under to do it in the immediate future - mad deadlines and I'm also traipsing around the planet to various conventions and things through September/October. Give me a reminded later in the year and I'll get something done for you.

    1. I shall hold you to that David. It's in my reminders for November. I'm going to get more spam as a result of putting this here, but my email is feedback AT frankbellamy DOT co DOT uk Would you mind sending me an email so we can take this discussion off this website? Thanks a lot, Norman

    2. So I said November 2014 and it's April 2015! My last nag David and I fully understand if you're too busy. Thanks, Norman!