Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Crossed:Badlands - new arc for 2015

My sequel to Crossed: Badlands - Gore Angels is out in February of 2015. This new arc is set in Tokyo and is called 5 Bloody Fingers. The story runs from issue #71 through #74. Here is the solicit for the opening part:

David Hine returns with a tale that rips open a fresh bloody wound in the Crossed universe as he takes us back to Japan. When a group of five friends realize this isn’t a video game, but life itself has gone crazy, they are thrust into a mad rush to save each other. But the horrors of he Crossed in Tokyo are more than they ever imagined. Available with Regular and Wraparound covers by Fernando Heinz, Torture cover by Christian Zanier, a Fatal Fantasy cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive cover also by Heinz.

And here is a selection of covers...

Interior art is by Nahuel Lopez and it is damned impressive. Take a look at these unlettered pages from the first issue...


  1. I hate this comic so much. I've read a few issues here and there, and it never says anything besides GORE GORE GORE. The only one that was mildly interesting was the webcomic from awhile ago. I don't mind gleeful bloodshed, but this does absolutely nothing to justify it. What a terrible thing to have in the medium, and its even more terrible that it has lasted so long.

  2. So you don't mind "gleeful bloodshed" but you need to have it justified? Hmmm...