Tuesday, 6 May 2014

ACES WEEKLY at Orbital and on Comixology

ACES WEEKLY celebrates its debut on Comixology at Orbital tomorrow, Wednesday 7th May. David Lloyd and myself will be joined by Mark Montague, Steve Marchant, David Leach, Chris Geary and Jon Haward for signings of our books, sketches and freebies and, of course, the opportunity to subscribe to the Aces Weekly experience.

It's an unusual event in that we are promoting a digital-exclusive comic in a comic book store that sells print books. Orbital is like that - run by people who think outside the box. Recent events have included BATTLE OF THE EYES, with Savage Pencil and Chris Long painting live and the recent CULT night featuring the collective who brought you Raygun RoadsBlackout and many other degenerate delights.

I've been in favour of Aces Weekly being made available through Comixology or other apps for a while now. It's great to be on a site that doesn't pay a penny to anyone but the creators, (as is the case with ACES WEEKLY), but we do need to find that wider market. An app is a wonderful way to get the impulse buy and put yourself if front of  comic readers who may not be aware of your existence. Of course Comixology itself is going through changes, not least of which is that the app is no longer a storefront but a glorified reader. Most of the reaction has been negative, but it does mean that the big chunk of the price you pay for your digital comics no longer goes to Apple. It remains to be seen how much extra will filter through to the creators. It also means that Apple can no longer restrict access to material they find objectionable. There will be  a level playing field for books like Crossed that were not available through the app. It may also mean more competition for what was a near-monopoly of digital distribution, as disgruntled users look elsewhere. We may see a higher profile for apps like SEQUENTIAL, which provides a genuine storefront experience and offer a radical alternative to the mainstream-dominated Comixology.

Meanwhile, do come along to Orbital tomorrow, say Hi and find out more about what we are doing with ACES WEEKLY.

Valley of Shadows by David Jackson and David Lloyd

Bleriot by Chris Geary

Cowboys and Insects by David Hine and Shaky Kane

Psycho Granny by David Leach