Friday, 27 February 2015

Think Of A City

In case you didn't know, there's a fantastic art project running on Tumblr called Think Of A City. Curated by Alison Sampson and Ian MacEwan, the idea is a mass storytelling project where each artist riffs on the previous drawing, taking a colour and making a thematic link, no matter how tenuous, with that drawing. I noticed that the last few illustrations had been going back and forth between largely digital to mostly hand-drawn. There was a kind of ping-pong game going on and the last splendid piece by Roque Romero was probably the most purely digital of them all.
So I decided to make my piece the most hand-drawn I could make it. I usually work hard on making my drawing print-perfect, redrawing and retracing - even when the result is quite expressionistic I've probably redrawn it three or four time before I was happy with it.
The drawing below was sketched in fountain pen ink and then a wash applied. Now fountain pen ink is tricky. It is extremely soluble. You only have to look at it sideways with a damp brush and the line starts to bleed. You only get one chance. You can't 'correct' anything. It was a little nerve-wracking to say the least.
I'm not entirely happy with the result but I am very happy with the process.
The only digital effect is the pasting of Roque Romero's art into the phone's screen.
You can check out the art in its proper context here.

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