Sunday, 23 August 2015

"It Came From THE BOX..." - Flying Saucer From Mars

If you read the second volume of The Bulletproof Coffin (Disinterred) you may remember that the renowned UFOlogist George Adamski featured prominently.

Rooting around in that bottomless box I keep under the bed I stumbled across this book by Britain's own expert on UFOs, the legendary, Cedric Allingham.

Like Adamski, Allingham witnessed the appearances of flying saucers, in this case in the skies over the north of Scotland in 1954. 

If this amazing photograph isn't enough to convince you, here is an even more stunning image of the UFO moving in to land.

Note the uncanny resemblance to the UFOs sighted by Adamski himself...

Surely this must be more than mere coincidence!

What's more, Allingham was lucky enough to meet the Martian pilot and engage him in a limited conversation. As the alien departed, Allingham managed to snap this remarkable image.

As the author notes: "The Saucer itself is just out of the picture to the left." One can only lament Allingham's failure to take a shot including the UFO, that might have more closely resembled the cover image, and laid to rest any lingering doubts among sceptics.

Here is a photographic portrait of the author. 

Cedric Allingham spent most of his time travelling the length and breadth of the UK in his caravan, searching for more evidence of the aliens among us. When he was not pursuing his scientific endeavours, Allingham was a prolific author of exciting thrillers, which he wrote under a pseudonym. He was also a keen birdwatcher.

And let's have none of this nonsense about the whole thing being a hoax perpetrated by Patrick Moore!


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