Thursday, 5 November 2015

"It came from the box..." Live!

Last weekend Shaky Kane and myself were guests at Dev Con Exeter located in the Great Hall at Exeter University. The building brought back many happy memories from my years as a student in Exeter in the latter half of the 1970s. Digging through the contents of my magic box under the bed, I came across these souvenirs of some amazing nights out at the University Great Hall...

 The Uni wasn't the only venue for decent bands. Tiffany's of all places, hosted this "New Wave Nite" with Chelsea and The Cortinas. I remember the Chelsea set was performed under a rain of phlegm. Gobbing on bands was considered an expression of respect in 1977. Gene October was highly respected that night...

Zhivago's had the wonderful Only Ones with Peter Perrett.

Occasionally, given a good excuse and a bus laid on, we would trek up to the big city. Here's my ticket to the 1978 Rally and Carnival Against Racism, organised by the Anti Nazi League.

This photograph was taken on our arrival. That's me on the far right and I believe the pic was shot by Shaky Kane. The photo was used by Exeter punk band Annalise on the sleeve of their hit single Hit The Bottle.

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