Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Last Tuesday Society

When I visited ELCAF a couple of weekends ago, I was advised to visit this...

Not only is this a very fine cocktail bar but, more significantly, it houses the Viktor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities. I can't believe I didn't already know about this. Here are a few samples from the wonderful, chaotic collection...

In the lower part of the picture, a human skeleton, sealed under glass in the table (This room available for dining)

A gold-plated hippo skull, formerly in the collection of Columbian Drug Baron, Pablo Escobar

Actual Dodo skeleton

Actual Human Vagina

Actual Mermaid

Actual Stuff

More Stuff

Stuff and Nonsense

If you can't wait to learn more about the inimitable Mr Wynd, watch this documentary...