Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A Single Shot of The Bulletproof Coffin

Back in June 2010 the world woke up to a new comic book phenomenon...

The comic introduced Shaky Kane and David Hine, two creators from an alternative two-dimensional reality that exists just the thickness of a comic book page away from our own. Two men who created heroes and heroines on a scale never dreamed of before. Then, at the height of their fame, their publisher, Golden Nuggets was bought up by the evil publishing empire, Big Two.

Kane and Hine's comics  were cancelled and the creators disappeared into obscurity. For years they continued to  secretly print and distribute their books through an underground network, rarely seen by their fans until Image comics courageously defied Big Two Publishing and unleashed their story upon an unsuspecting world.

Volume one of The Bulletproof Coffin took comic fandom by storm. Here's what the critics had to say:

Meta-fiction at its best...a perfect fusion of words and pictures, by creators who understand how to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses intimately.  Broken Frontier

First comic in forever that says UP YOUR GODDAMN GAME!  Matt Fraction

...without question the most unnerving comic I've read in years.  Comics Bulletin

Really fun and original.  Robert Kirkman

...pure big dumb fun...Y'know, like Iggy And The Stooges.  Forbidden Planet

That Shaky Kane and David Hine killed it.  Tim Seeley

You like comics, you should be all over it. It's my favourite new Image book.  Kieron Gillen

When it comes to comics, The Bulletproof Coffin annihilated the opposition in 2010  Mindless Ones

This makes me happy in my bits, so it does.  Warren Ellis

At the end of that series, the creators were persuaded by Big Two's corporate lawyers to sign over the rights to their characters forever and went their separate ways. Now this one-shot tells the story of what happened to Kane and Hine in the intervening years, and it ain't pretty...

Shaky Kane swears never to work again with "that washed up hack, Mister David Hine." He strikes out on his own, launching a solo career with indie publisher Image Nation. Here he is flogging the ashcan edition of Hypno Vampires From The Stars at a comic convention...

Below are the details. Ask your comic shop to order a copy for you. Order it by name or by the catalogue number: APR170734 Tell 'em Shaky sent you!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Heroes of 2000AD

Here's a surprise. Heroesof2000AD blogspot has done a piece on my work for 2000AD. I did a lot of work over the years at 2000AD, some of it very hit-and-miss. I was experimenting with endless art styles and never entirely happy with what I was doing. In retrospect though, there was some interesting stuff in there and the article has been very generous with my failings. The article covers virtually everything I did at Fleetway including, Sticky Fingers and Tao De Moto with Myra Hancock, my covers, my one Judge Dredd strip and Mambo. My thanks to Kevf for digging up material that even I had forgotten about. If your interested in seeing how my early work developed, check out the blog by clicking on the pic below.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Lip Hook Teaser

Coming in 2018, my next major project with Mark Stafford is called Lip Hook. 

Here's some of my background reading...

And a few sketches by Mark...

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Coming next month from Aftershock Comics, the first volume of Second Sight!

Here's what the critics said about the series...

Second Sight #1 is another amazing series from AfterShock with this opening issue being one of the best from the publisher so far. Giving us an intriguing premise full of surreal moments, the creative team introduce us to the characters brilliantly.

A gripping horror tale. Hine always does a great job of characterization, and this debut issue is a perfect example of it.

Second Sight is a horror story in the vein of Silence of the Lambs…for fans of this kind of story, it could easily stand alongside classics of the genre. 

The art captures the tone of the book brilliantly, with a level of realism that seems to becoming a bit of a statement of purpose for AfterShock books.

Hine has dared to write a story that will challenge and disturb you…Second Sight is clever, compelling and courageous, tackling taboo subjects and presenting a complex character study that breaks away from all conventions in this genre. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Second Sight was nominated for Broken Frontier Awards Best Limited Series of 2016

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Bulletproof Jukebox Takes A Trip

Traditionally The Bulletproof Jukebox has featured nothing much more recent than 1966. As an antidote and to see in a new year, I'm handing the jukebox over to Destroyovski to share his current fave tracks. He recommends 350 mics of Lucy as an accompaniment (whatever that means)