Friday, 16 June 2017

Bulletproof Signing at GOSH!

Reviews are in on The Bulletproof One-Shot: The 1000 Yard Stare.

"This was fucking amazing!" 
-Serious Issues Podcast

"A fantastic read which got me curious and excited to track down the original series."
-Stranger Worlds

"The Bulletproof Coffin is back and readers may believe it is with a vengeance."
-Comics Bulletin

"Kane's gorgeous, deliberately junky art, and Hine's sharp and loving criticism of the medium, always pair well."

"The Bulletproof Coffin is a multi-layered cake of meta goodness and we're lucky to get another slice."
-Paste Magazine

"A fun comic that makes you inappropriately laugh at the subject matter even if you don't want to." 
-Multiversity Comics

"Perfect...this has moved into the league of best single issue for the year..."
-11 O'Clock Comics

"The 1000 Yard Stare is a hilarious commentary on the current world of comics."
-Outright Geekery

"Bulletproof Coffin skitters from snarky political jab to blatant cultural reference as gracefully as an octopus in roller skates."
-Go Geek Girl

And on Twitter:
"I live for this stuff" - @MaxyTheBee
"Warped, beautiful and amazing" - @Geek_rock_art
"Best 1-shot comic I've read all year!" - @jasoncartoons
"Weird, wonderful and totally original." - @gnashcomics

If you are in London Saturday 17th June, don't miss the signing at GOSH! comics where you can pick up this exclusive ultra-limited ashcan edition, complete with blood stains!

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